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Adrian Trudeau, was born on Aug 27, 1973 and was from Wikwemikong Unceded First Nation. He was a self-taught artist, whose art followed in a strong tradition of Anishnaabe visual artists from Manitoulin Island. But Adrian developed his own unique style, evident from his creative backgrounds and original detailing.

Adrian was a gifted and prolific artist. He started painting on very small canvases and within six months he had progressed to larger sizes. He was also not afraid to experiment. Friends often witnessed him blowing the colours on the canvas with a straw, or experimenting in other ways. He once added salt to the wet paint to see what it would do.

His deep sense of spirituality based on traditional Anishnaabe teachings is evident not only in the pieces themselves, but he wrote the title and description or "story" of the piece on the back his canvases. His writings are poetic works of art in themselves and help to provide the viewer with insight into his perspectives we might not otherwise have.

Adrian had a deep respect for all life, for creatures both great and small. He was a passionate individual with boundless energy and charisma that was the envy of his friends.

He was a prolific artist in his short life. He lived hard, travelling between Ottawa, Manitoulin Island and Boston and never feeling quite settled anywhere. Sometimes circumstances forced Adrian to "pawn" his artwork for cash. Selling artwork to pawn dealers or others for a fraction of their worth. Friends estimate he may have painted upward of 100 pieces.

If you have an original painting by Adrian, please email me a jpeg with a brief description of the title or whatever was written on the back and the size of the painting.

email to: christi@thebreathcom